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Chicago Trip Pictures

2009-03-15 10:26:15

Harold Washington Library

The front side, the weird part was that one side of the building was totally contemporary looking.

2009-03-15 10:38:43

The Flamingo

but is it?

2009-03-15 10:40:22


but it looks more like an elephant to me

2009-03-15 10:39:25


especially from this angle

2009-03-15 10:53:47


Baboon? Horse? Dog?

2009-03-15 10:56:20


Viking Ship?

2009-03-15 10:57:24


His wife?

2009-03-15 11:02:13

Miro's Chicago

The Sun, the Moon, and One Star (original name)

2009-03-15 11:09:16

Standing Beast

Actually, Monument with Standing Beast made of fiberglass by Jean Dubuffet

2009-03-15 11:10:19

Standing Beast

Beast? with a tree?

2009-03-15 11:11:00

Standing Beast


2009-03-15 11:00:27

Green Fountain

to celebrate St Patrick's Day, the river was died green which is reflected in the fountain's water

2009-03-15 11:27:32


a scary one

2009-03-15 11:26:03


random building

2009-03-15 11:32:44

Hard Rock Hotel

You'd never think that such a pretty building would be the hard rock, but there it is.

2009-03-15 11:39:37

Bridge Art

on the side of one of the posts of one of the bridges going over the river

2009-03-15 11:43:18


because Pomax insisted

2009-03-15 11:45:31

Wrigley building

notice the skywalk in between the two sections

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