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Toronto trip Pictures

2009-06-07 00:57:21

Wedding Party

my cousin Em's wedding

2009-06-07 07:44:47

Desserts galore!

at the wedding

2009-06-08 21:50:20

Pink Sperm

well, apparently it's an art gallery, but that's definitely the first thing we thought of when we saw it

2009-06-08 22:09:37

Random building

that I thought was kind of cool

2009-06-08 22:08:10

Lion Statue

Every city has one usually near a museum or gallery, this was outside the ROM

2009-06-08 22:10:38


aka the Royal Ontario Museum. It be really cool except it's an atrocity because it's connected to the two original gothic wings which is just a terrible juxtaposition.

2009-06-08 22:37:36

A Tree

of sorts @ the ROM

2009-06-08 22:38:15


of sorts @ the ROM

2009-06-09 00:17:01


thought these were in a neat shape

2009-06-09 00:25:09


very pretty... and expensive @ the ROM

2009-06-09 00:37:38


because I was in Canada @ the ROM

2009-06-09 01:01:57


this was an interesting framing of it, since it was taken inside the building but from the other wing @ the ROM

2009-06-09 01:05:39

Dome Ceiling

pretty~ @ the ROM

2009-06-09 02:59:07

A building

inside another building

2009-06-09 06:09:19

Neil Gaiman

and my friend Sarah

2009-06-09 22:16:18

Casa Loma

the castle-like mansion in the middle of Toronto

2009-06-09 21:26:24

Casa Loma & Gardens

it wasn't very big, but very nice to have lunch in

2009-06-09 21:03:09

Toronto Downtown

view from the Casa Loma tower

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