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Vancouver Olympics 2010

2010-02-13 15:33:16

German Welcome

All over the downtown area, they had these cute little welcome signs in different languages

2010-02-13 15:40:09

Russian Welcome

at least, that's my guess. You can also see the big Panasonic Screen to the right which had one of the CUE video exhibits

2010-02-13 15:42:28

Dutch Welcome

2010-02-21 21:47:47

Nooksack Welcome

From what I can tell this is in Sḵwx̱wú7mesh snichim, a nooksack tribe language. I know it's a wee blurry but I thought it was too cool a sign not to post

2010-02-20 11:37:17

Totem Pole

@ Aboriginal Pavillion next to QE Theatre

2010-02-13 15:48:28

Look at the Sillouette

@ Robson Square they painted the steps so that it's one image. I know it's hard to see this one with so many people

2010-02-13 15:51:09

Steps image 2

@ Robson Square

2010-02-13 15:53:30

Orca Zamboni

@ Robson Square

2010-02-13 15:52:48


I took it because it has the mascots. I just couldn' resist

2010-02-13 15:55:45

Canada Flag

the reflection at certain angles was quite neat because you could see the whole flag

2010-02-13 16:04:32

The Bay


2010-02-13 15:56:49

Aboriginal House

outside the VAG

2010-02-13 15:57:28


outside VAG

2010-02-13 15:58:00

A Modest Veil

by Michael Lin @ VAG

2010-02-13 15:59:55

Paraolympic Countdown

outside VAG

2010-02-13 16:00:56


outside VAG

2010-02-13 16:05:45

Silver Blob

I don't know what else it would be
@ Granville Mall

2010-02-13 16:06:16

Compassion Generator

by Rob Turriff
@ Granville Mall

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