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2009-03-16 11:45:03


at the Lincoln Park Conservatory

2009-03-16 11:40:45

Flaming Sword

okay, not really, but that's what it's called!
Lincoln Park Conservatory

2009-03-18 17:37:28

fake vs. real

Obviously the yellow lilypad-looking things are fake, but I still thought this made a pretty pic
Garfield Conservatory

2009-03-18 17:44:10

Pink flower!

I have no idea what this is... I wish I had taken a pic of the sign now...
Garfield Conservatory

2009-06-09 22:16:18

Casa Loma

the castle-like mansion in the middle of Toronto

2009-06-09 21:26:24

Casa Loma & Gardens

it wasn't very big, but very nice to have lunch in

2009-06-15 21:31:36

Roses not quite in Bloom

Royal Botanical Gardens

2009-06-15 21:37:59

Like a little island

Royal Botanical Gardens

2009-06-15 23:03:31

Strange looking in the process of becoming a fruit

Royal Botanical Gardens

2009-06-16 00:29:47


There wasn't much in bloom except Lilacs and Peonies.
Royal Botanical Gardens

2009-06-16 00:32:22

Multi coloured Lilas

Royal Botanical Gardens

2009-06-16 00:33:19


Royal Botanical Gardens

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