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2009-03-17 15:58:57

Nat and Me

in Chinatown, we're totally hiding the gate though lol

2009-03-27 22:14:04

Nat and the Bean

Nighttime pic of Nat-chan with "the bean" in the background - poor quality I know (the digicam I was using sucked at night pix)

2009-06-09 06:09:19

Neil Gaiman

and my friend Sarah

2009-06-15 00:21:30

Journey Behind the Falls

One of the tunnels where you get to walk behind the falls.

2009-09-12 18:42:52

Mike & Martin

at Raincity Grill

2009-09-12 18:43:13


at Raincity Grill

2009-12-05 19:48:27

First VSO concert

with my library friends

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