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Nature in all its forms

This collection contains all my photographs of nature, wildlife, and not-so-wildlife (such as pets).


This collection is mainly about shots made for their impression - composition shots, architectural photographs, what have you

A different world

In this collection you'll find photographs of things you wouldn't normally think of to photograph. Think macro photography and "I didn't even know that was there" photographs.



A collection of vacation and holiday photographs

Botanical gardens

I like flora, which is why I try to visit botanical gardens when I have the opportunity. This collection contains all the botanical garden sets I have


I don't travel excessively, but enough to warrant a collection with photographs taken in and around cities I've visited =)


Some things you see, some things you do. These things, one does.

2014 Northern California "road trip"

We drove around Northern California in the spring of 2014, going from San Francisco to Berkeley, Napa, Sacramento, Fresno via the "moaning caves" and highway 49 (a gorgeous drive), the Clark Center center for Japanese art and culture —in the middle of nowhere— Pinnacles National Park, Monterey, Milpidas (to see the Winchester's mystery house), Stanford, and back to San Fran. It felt too short and a long trip at the same time.

1 collection, 15 sets. 472 photographs, 856 miles.

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