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Blast from the past

There was a time - a very long time, actually - when I had a film camera. I started with a Nikon F70 when it came out, and then jumped ship to the F80 when that came out instead. I also had a Nikon EM brick with broken light meter, but it didn't matter... it let me take pictures.

This set is what is, basically, left. Many photographs and negatives, I simply lost. Many more, were just shots, not photographs.

These, I think, still make the cut. I offer these for your viewing pleasure, with the warning that I did not apply extensive cleaning to the scanned negatives (or positives, in the case of Velvia film). Most speckles and some lines have been removed, but that's about it.


Photographs taken primarily for their composition in terms of lines, contrast, or other scene interplay.

Macro shots

A set that highlights macro shots, made with either my kenko extension tube set (modular 12, 20 and 36mm tubes) and short focal range lenses/lens settings, or simply shot at high optical magnification and cropped to the desired "macro" view.

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