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Grouse Mountain

Grouse mountain offers a nice hike and some attractions once you're on the top, these are some of the photographs I took while hiking up it, and walking around (many got rejected for poor exposure; there was so much sun that day someone had to be helicoptered out by a medical crew)

Spirit Bears in the City

In the summer fo 2006 Vancouver had undertaken a "Spirit Bears in the City" art initiative, with 106 artified bear statues strewn over greater Vancouver and surrounding townships. We managed to find and shoot about 50 of them

Eagles in the City

Like the Orcas and Spirit Bears in the city, 2009 saw Vancouver invaded by painted eagles. They had to be shot.

Vancouver pre-2008

Pictures taken in and around Vancouver, British Columbia (Canadialand)

Vancouver Island - 2008

I've been to Vancouver Island twice now, and while the first time was just Victoria, the second had us staying near Nanoose Bay, and driving up and down the island. These are mostly photogrpahs of our March 2008 outing.

Vancouver - 2008-2009

I managed to stay over in Vancouver from december 12th till January 11th for some christmas... little did anyone know it would snow unseasonably madly!

Vancouver 2010

Photos shot in and around Vancouver in 2010

Vancouver 2011

Shots in and around Vancouver, BC, Canada, in 2011

Vancouver 2013

Photos from in and around Vancouver in 2013

Galiano Island - 2013

I was invited to spend a few days on Galiano Island with some friends, and it was quite lovely. Worth going back to for a weekend escape!

Vancouver 2015

Mayne Island - 2015

We got a chance to take two trips to Mayne Island, one of the Canadian Gulf Islands, just off of Vancouver Island. It's a delightful little island and I'd love to go back a bit more often.

Victoria - 2015

We took a four day trip down to Victoria in 2015. There were lots of neat things to see.

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