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Photos taken in or around Amsterdam

Berlin - 2008

We went to Berlin the end of June/beginning of July in 2008, and what we saw is what you see =)

London - 2008

At the end of July we went to visit a friend in London, who would be moving out soon after. There's not a lot of photographs in this one, I know, you'd expect more... but then by this time I'd seen London quite a few times already =/

Montreal - 2012

A conference trip to Montreal, with some photographs documenting what we saw

Paris - 2006

We went to Paris in december of 2006, many pictures were shot, but only a few made the cut =)


Photographs taken in and around Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Seattle - 2009

We went to down town Seattle for a long weekend in September 2009, and I can't think of a reason to ever go back, unless the city ignores the "US economy" and focusses on rebuilding a city and providing for its inhabitants again.

Parks filled with homeless people, half the stores empty or partially vacated, litter all over the place, hobos on every corner, only a handful of people walking down the streets on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the middle of down town... Seattle is dead. Don't go there if you want to see the city, there's nothing left to see.

Although you can still go for attractions that let you ignore the city itself.


These are photographs taken in and around Toronto over the years.

Vancouver Island - 2008

I've been to Vancouver Island twice now, and while the first time was just Victoria, the second had us staying near Nanoose Bay, and driving up and down the island. These are mostly photogrpahs of our March 2008 outing.

Vancouver pre-2008

Pictures taken in and around Vancouver, British Columbia (Canadialand)

Vancouver 2010

Photos shot in and around Vancouver in 2010

Victoria - 2010

We got a free two night stay at the Parkside resort in Victoria in February of 2010. These are some of the pictures from that several-day-trip

Vancouver 2011

Shots in and around Vancouver, BC, Canada, in 2011

Vancouver 2013

Photos from in and around Vancouver in 2013

Chicago - 2013

Code4Lib 2013 was in Chicago, and I accompanied Arty for a few days of Chicago and saying hi to friends. Also, seeing Chicago while it was very cold.

Sacramento - 2014

This city is dead. No one lives here, despite the 500,000 population claim. This city is dead. No one lives here.

San Francisco - 2014

The final leg of the journey, before a Mozilla Foundation all-hands workweek. While I was workweeking it up, Arty went around looking at the city

Dublin - 2014

We went to visit friends and family in Europe in the summer of 2014, which included a visit to Dublin, Ireland. There were many cakes.

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