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A morning of baking

I go to bed at 10pm. Then I get up at 6am so I can bake me my breakfast and lunch: baguettes!

Bakery and Cookery

I love working in the kitching. I bake, I cook, I do horrible things to ingredients and sometimes it even works in my favour. If I do it -- and remember to photograph it -- it ends up in this set =)

Keizer Culinair

For my grandmother's birthday celebration we went to the Keizer Culinair cooking shool, and made our own dinner (for 21) by splitting off in small groups and each group doing one of five courses. It's driven home the point that need a flash again... but it *was* fun =P


My Japanese cup broke... and it's a $25 cup, so I can either throw it away and spend another $25 buying a new one, or I can spend $100 on a kintsugi repair kit, mend my cup, and learn a new skill in the process. Let's go with kintsugi.


Programming is fine and all, but physically making stuff is extremely satisfying. LEGO is one way to achieve that satisfaction. Let's Technic it up =)

Making baguette

Based on repeated requests for recipes and "how do I make that?" remarks, a visual guide to making baguette, as a Flickr album.

Making chcolate bread pudding

Or, my version of, which is a chocolate bread pudding cake of chocolatey death. You can stop halfway if you want proper chocolate bread pudding, but it gets even more fun if you don't immediately eat it and instead have it condense into pure chocolate bread cake goodness.

Recreating perfect sandwich baguette

In 2010, I accidentally made the perfect sandwich baguette.

This is my attempt at recreating that accident on purpose.

The Wedding

On September 12th, 2009, social status changed from "taken" to "married".

None of these pictures were taken by me (obviously), but that doesn't mean I don't want them on flickr =)

Things with recipes

On the off occasion I will photo-document what I do in my kitchen and write down how to do the same thing. For your convenience, I've stuck those in a set of their own, in case it help anyone

The Napa Valley Wine Train

You're doing the tourist thing in Northern California, so just fork over the $120 and take the Napa Valley Wine train. You're in Napa, for pete's sake, what were you going to do, "just walk around"? This is what you came here for.

17 Mile Drive

The Monterey area is known for its "17 Mile drive", a stretch of road the circles the peninsula with stunning views, expensive houses, and loud marine wildlife.

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