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MoFo Whistler Engineering Hike

Salish Aquarium

The Victoria Bug Zoo

High Tea

Vancouver 2015

The Vancouver Aquarium

Float Plane rides

If you live in Canada, you have no excuse not to take the float plane. It's too much fun.

Victoria - 2015

We took a four day trip down to Victoria in 2015. There were lots of neat things to see.

Vancouver Seawall

A had a stroll from the Vancouver Aquarium to the downtown area, along the Seawall. Have some photos

River Walk, Vancouver

It's a nice day in spring, let's walk along Vancouver's "River walk" waterfront and take some pictures of birds? We didn't set out to shoot all the birds we saw, so there's plenty more we passed up on (crows, Canada geese, and bushtits, amongst others)

Recreating perfect sandwich baguette

In 2010, I accidentally made the perfect sandwich baguette.

This is my attempt at recreating that accident on purpose.

Making chcolate bread pudding

Or, my version of, which is a chocolate bread pudding cake of chocolatey death. You can stop halfway if you want proper chocolate bread pudding, but it gets even more fun if you don't immediately eat it and instead have it condense into pure chocolate bread cake goodness.

Making baguette

Based on repeated requests for recipes and "how do I make that?" remarks, a visual guide to making baguette, as a Flickr album.


My Japanese cup broke... and it's a $25 cup, so I can either throw it away and spend another $25 buying a new one, or I can spend $100 on a kintsugi repair kit, mend my cup, and learn a new skill in the process. Let's go with kintsugi.

Mayne Island - 2015

We got a chance to take two trips to Mayne Island, one of the Canadian Gulf Islands, just off of Vancouver Island. It's a delightful little island and I'd love to go back a bit more often.

Portland Japanese Garden

One of our natural stops in Portland was the Japanese Garden. The chibibis and Muk muk were very happy to be out in nature again!

The Portland Chinese Garden

We took a quick trip to the Lan Su Chinese garden during our Portland 2014 trip. There's not a lot of pics, and that's because I was carrying a camera that can't take the kind of pictures I want to take...

The Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo is pretty neat, an in late autumn, there are very few yelling children so that's great too. The Elephants are extremely depressing and it's a good thing they're getting a new pen, although the 2017 delivery time smacks of "we aren't even fucking trying", despite the $53 million they're spending on the project. Anyway: animals!

Portland - 2014

Mozilla had a "coincidental workweek", meaning everyone had a workweek on the same week, in the same city. That city was Portland, Oregon, and the week was the first in December. Things were seen.

Galiano Island - 2013

I was invited to spend a few days on Galiano Island with some friends, and it was quite lovely. Worth going back to for a weekend escape!

Burgers' Zoo

While spending a few weeks with my parents in the Netherlands, near Arnhem, we figured we might as well go to the nearby Burgers' Zoo, and I have to say: very glad we did. It's a lovely zoo.

MMKA - Arnhem

The "museum of modern art" in Arnhem isn't all that big, but it has some neat things. And if somehow all the plaques had made it onto my camera, that would have been amazing. For some reason, half of them disappeared and I can't tell you what we saw, which was pretty shitty.

The National Botanic Gardens of Ireland at Glasnevin

If you're visiting Dublin, and you like botanical gardens, you should probably visit the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland in Glasnevin.

National Museum of Ireland

Dublin houses the national museum of Ireland, which if you're even passingly interested in anthropology and archeology, is worth going to.


As part of our trip to Dublin we went on a walk around Glendalough, or the valley of the two lakes, if you need translations. Which you don't, because nature is a universal language, and it's very nature. Also pretty. You should go.

Trinity College

One of my sisters is attending Trinity College, in Dublin, so we went over to say hi and finally see where she lived (after seven years. Yessir)

Dublin - 2014

We went to visit friends and family in Europe in the summer of 2014, which included a visit to Dublin, Ireland. There were many cakes.

Wolfheze - 2014

Near Arnhem, made famous for a horribly failed world war 2 offensive, in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands, lies Wolfheze. My parents live there. It's full of nature. I love it.

San Francisco - 2014

The final leg of the journey, before a Mozilla Foundation all-hands workweek. While I was workweeking it up, Arty went around looking at the city

UBC Alumni weekend

UBC held their May 2014 alumni weekend, and we totally took advantage of that to go the Beaty museum of biodiversity and the TRIUMF nuclear science facility.

Northern California road trip maps

In spring of 2014 we took a road trip across Northern California, following the route mapped out in this set.

The Lick Observatory

The Lick Observatory, founded and funded by James Lick is an amazing thing, and getting there is a journey that starts in comfort and ends in abject terror, until you park.

The Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House is quite phenomenal. Not in the least the fact that they seem to run a very tight ship; tours every 10 minutes, $40 for a combined ticket, a good 20 people in each group. That's about $2500 an hour, every day. Gold mine. Also worth having a walk-through.

Stanford University

Stanford is, of course, a university. But it's also a collection of art, significant architecture, and lovely views.

Northern California - 2014

We took a road trip around Northern California in 2014. Many pictures were taken over not all that many days.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

If you're in Monterey, you need to do two things. 1: take 17-mile drive. 2: go to the aquarium. This is number two.

17 Mile Drive

The Monterey area is known for its "17 Mile drive", a stretch of road the circles the peninsula with stunning views, expensive houses, and loud marine wildlife.

The Road To Monterey

We drove from the Clark Center on to Monterey, via the PInnacles National Park, taking "airport road" which took is past the east side of the Pinnacles.

The Clark Center for Japanese Art and Culture

Tucked away in the middle of nowhere, an hour outside of Fresno, the Clarks own a large orchard. And as collectors of Japanese art their collection became large enough to make it worth erecting a centre for art. Next to their house. Which is a Japanese manor complete with meticulous Japanese garden. It's... very special. If you're ever at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and looking at the Japanese art: most of that was donated by the Clarks.

The Forestiere Underground Gardens

Tucked away on the west side of Fresno is what is called an "underground garden", but don't be fooled. This is the life's work of a migrant worker, who dug out a massive 10 acre structure of traditional rooms, connecting corridors and open citrus-housing rooms.

Fresno Zoo

The Fresno Zoo is definitely a worthwhile trip if you're in the neighbourhood. It's not the biggest, but that means you can actually spend a day and cover everything instead of needing multiple days. And it's the best value for money zoo we've ever been to. You should go. Seriously.

Highway 49

You can go from Sacramento to Fresno the boring interstate way, or you can seek out highway 49, and experience what is the best drive we've ever been on. If you're doing a Northern California road trip, you owe it to yourself to explore this amazing stretch of asphalt.

The Moaning Cavern

Located near Angels Camp, California, the Moaning Cavern is a huge solutional cave, (one of the largest in the US), with its first champer measuring 100 feet across and 165 feet deep. It's an impressive cavern to visit, and I strongly recommend you seek it out.

Sacramento - 2014

This city is dead. No one lives here, despite the 500,000 population claim. This city is dead. No one lives here.

The Napa Valley Wine Train

You're doing the tourist thing in Northern California, so just fork over the $120 and take the Napa Valley Wine train. You're in Napa, for pete's sake, what were you going to do, "just walk around"? This is what you came here for.

The Berkeley Rose Garden

The Berkeley Rose Garden is a love little amphitheater of fragrances that is in bloom from spring to late summer, peaking in May. If you're in Berkeley for a day: it's free! Go visit it an enjoy it for a few - unless it's been overrun by horse tails...


All manner of cars. Because there's a lot of cars on this planet, let alone throughout history.

The Blackhawk Automotive Museum

The BlackHawk museum is pretty much the museum equivalent of a "hole in the wall", tucked away in a (to be fair, very pretty) mall in Danville, California. However, if you do find it... well, to quote a kid walking around with their dad "why is the museum not packed with people? This place is amazing!".


The Chicago Botanical Garden

Part of our trip to Chicago involved exploring the Chicago Botanical Garden. Worth a visit, even in winter!

The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago is one of those places you kind of have to visit. It's not the British Museum, but then that comparison is weird anyway.

Chicago - 2013

Code4Lib 2013 was in Chicago, and I accompanied Arty for a few days of Chicago and saying hi to friends. Also, seeing Chicago while it was very cold.

Kew gardens

We took a trip from London to Kew to visit Kew Gardens in 2012. It's a wonderful place and you should go visit if you have the chance.

UK - 2012

Pictures taken in the UK during and after MozFest 2012

Vancouver 2013

Photos from in and around Vancouver in 2013

Toronto Zoo

We did a surprise visit to the Toronto Zoo as a "last chance to see the red pandas" thing in 2011. Of course, we also saw some other animals =)


These are photographs taken in and around Toronto over the years.

Montreal - 2012

A conference trip to Montreal, with some photographs documenting what we saw


Programming is fine and all, but physically making stuff is extremely satisfying. LEGO is one way to achieve that satisfaction. Let's Technic it up =)

The Burgess Shale Hike

In 2011 I finally had the chance to go visit the Burgess shale, taking the hike up to the Walcott Quarry. It was a surprisingly easy hike, and also well worth doing.

The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rocky Mountains are, in a word, awesome. And not in the popular sense of the word, but quite literally - they instill a sense of awe, and that's a great thing. I should have visited them years ago!

Toronto - 2011

part of our summer 2011 holiday destinations

Niagara Falls

Royal Botanical Garden


Summer - 2011

Where we visit Ottawa, Toronto, and the great Canadian Rockies.

Bloedel Conservatory

Located in Queen Elizabeth park, the Bloedel conservatory houses tropical and subtropical plants, as well as several birds. It is a small botanical garden, but certainly nice to have seen.

Vancouver 2011

Shots in and around Vancouver, BC, Canada, in 2011

Vancouver 2010

Photos shot in and around Vancouver in 2010

Victoria - 2010

We got a free two night stay at the Parkside resort in Victoria in February of 2010. These are some of the pictures from that several-day-trip

Seattle Aquarium

We went to see the Seattle Aquarium, which is actually kind of nice (although the mammal section needs a bit of work, there's a lot of plain concrete... functional, but not the most aesthetic material ^_^)

Woodland Park Zoo

During out Seattle trip we went to the Woodland Park Zoo, which was fun.

Artis de Partis also had a good time there!

Seattle - 2009

We went to down town Seattle for a long weekend in September 2009, and I can't think of a reason to ever go back, unless the city ignores the "US economy" and focusses on rebuilding a city and providing for its inhabitants again.

Parks filled with homeless people, half the stores empty or partially vacated, litter all over the place, hobos on every corner, only a handful of people walking down the streets on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the middle of down town... Seattle is dead. Don't go there if you want to see the city, there's nothing left to see.

Although you can still go for attractions that let you ignore the city itself.

The Wedding

On September 12th, 2009, social status changed from "taken" to "married".

None of these pictures were taken by me (obviously), but that doesn't mean I don't want them on flickr =)

Eagles in the City

Like the Orcas and Spirit Bears in the city, 2009 saw Vancouver invaded by painted eagles. They had to be shot.


Photographs taken in and around Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Blast from the past

There was a time - a very long time, actually - when I had a film camera. I started with a Nikon F70 when it came out, and then jumped ship to the F80 when that came out instead. I also had a Nikon EM brick with broken light meter, but it didn't matter... it let me take pictures.

This set is what is, basically, left. Many photographs and negatives, I simply lost. Many more, were just shots, not photographs.

These, I think, still make the cut. I offer these for your viewing pleasure, with the warning that I did not apply extensive cleaning to the scanned negatives (or positives, in the case of Velvia film). Most speckles and some lines have been removed, but that's about it.

My parents' garden

My parents have a lovely garden. When the weather's nice, it's usually a matter of just taking a camera, and walking around in it looking for something to photograph.

Things with recipes

On the off occasion I will photo-document what I do in my kitchen and write down how to do the same thing. For your convenience, I've stuck those in a set of their own, in case it help anyone

Bakery and Cookery

I love working in the kitching. I bake, I cook, I do horrible things to ingredients and sometimes it even works in my favour. If I do it -- and remember to photograph it -- it ends up in this set =)

A morning of baking

I go to bed at 10pm. Then I get up at 6am so I can bake me my breakfast and lunch: baguettes!

Vancouver - 2008-2009

I managed to stay over in Vancouver from december 12th till January 11th for some christmas... little did anyone know it would snow unseasonably madly!


Photos taken in or around Amsterdam

Keizer Culinair

For my grandmother's birthday celebration we went to the Keizer Culinair cooking shool, and made our own dinner (for 21) by splitting off in small groups and each group doing one of five courses. It's driven home the point that need a flash again... but it *was* fun =P

London - 2008

At the end of July we went to visit a friend in London, who would be moving out soon after. There's not a lot of photographs in this one, I know, you'd expect more... but then by this time I'd seen London quite a few times already =/

Berlin Zoo

This zoo is big. You need a full day to walk through it, at least (and we went over around midday, which was too late, we missed a large part of it)

Alte Nationalgalerie

The Alte Nationalgalerie ("old national galerie", en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alte_Nationalgalerie) is one of those "you have to have visited" musea, housing a little bit of everything.


I didn't really like the Pergamon in Berlin, but then you should make up your own mind about it I suppose.


The Bode Museum in Berlin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bode_museum) is one of those musea you just go see at least once.


the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gem%C3%A4ldegalerie,_Berlin) is home to mostly middeaval art, including some rather spectacular pieces

Musical Instrument Museum

Berlin has this wonderfully cozy little museum for musical instruments. Of course, it doesn't cover the range of all possible instruments, but it's still very much worth while dropping by.

Berggruen-Picasso Museum

The Berggruen-Picasso Museum is a collection of privately held art, made publically accessible. For those interesting in who Berggruen was, feel free to read en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinz_Berggruen

Alte Nationalgalerie

During our Berlin trip in 2008 we stopped by the Alte Nationalgalerie (the 'old' national gallery... old only because they built a newer one) - www.smb.spk-berlin.de/smb/sammlungen/details.php?lang=en&...

Berlin Botanical Garden

During our Berlin trip we went to the Berlin botanical gardens ( www.bgbm.org/bgbm/default_e.htm )... we should have reserved two days for that instead of one O.o

Berlin - 2008

We went to Berlin the end of June/beginning of July in 2008, and what we saw is what you see =)

Vancouver Island - 2008

I've been to Vancouver Island twice now, and while the first time was just Victoria, the second had us staying near Nanoose Bay, and driving up and down the island. These are mostly photogrpahs of our March 2008 outing.

De Bieschbos

De Bieschbos is a nature reserve (of sorts, anyway) in the Netherlands, and a great place to boat about a little My parents, owning a modest flat-bottom boat, do so often enough. When I join them, the camera comes along.

Artis de Partis

the adventures of Artis de Partis

Paris - 2006

We went to Paris in december of 2006, many pictures were shot, but only a few made the cut =)

Spirit Bears in the City

In the summer fo 2006 Vancouver had undertaken a "Spirit Bears in the City" art initiative, with 106 artified bear statues strewn over greater Vancouver and surrounding townships. We managed to find and shoot about 50 of them

Abkhazi garden

The abkhazi garden was actually someone's garden in the 1940's and has been maintained ever since, see www.conservancy.bc.ca/content.asp?sectionack=abkhazi for more information and visit it if you can, it's well worth it ^^

Grouse Mountain

Grouse mountain offers a nice hike and some attractions once you're on the top, these are some of the photographs I took while hiking up it, and walking around (many got rejected for poor exposure; there was so much sun that day someone had to be helicoptered out by a medical crew)

Vancouver pre-2008

Pictures taken in and around Vancouver, British Columbia (Canadialand)

UBC botanical garden

In june 2006 I took a trip to the botanical garden at the University of British Columbia, armed with a camera, tripod, and some lenses. This is the result of that little trip.


Paintings, sculptures, etc...


Any and all architectural shots, either inside or out.


Photographs taken primarily for their composition in terms of lines, contrast, or other scene interplay.


All things natury


All sorts of animals here

Macro shots

A set that highlights macro shots, made with either my kenko extension tube set (modular 12, 20 and 36mm tubes) and short focal range lenses/lens settings, or simply shot at high optical magnification and cropped to the desired "macro" view.

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