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2007-05-21 18:15:59

The Gizmo

This picture was a test to see how fast my Nikkor E series 50mm f/1.8 really is. The answer seems to be "really fast" ^_^

2007-05-22 14:10:28

Who's looking at who?

My parent's cat, Pinkie, and a curious little blackbird. This scene was just perfect; I was looking at the bird and the cat, the cat was looking at the bird and me, and the bird is clearly looking at both of us...

2007-05-22 23:54:29


Stofje, Sybren and Marit's cute little rat. Shot at 200mm with 68mm extension, f/16 (iso 800)

2007-05-26 15:56:11

Eurasian coot with youngen

A coot with her young, shot down from the side of a bridge. While essentially the city pidgeons of the water, I still like city coots, whereas I strongly dislike city pidgeons...

2007-05-26 15:56:43

Eye of the goose - part 1

I love the way feathers can do things that make you wonder whether they're feathers at all... oh right, and the goose was kind of pretty too.

2007-05-26 15:56:58

Eye of the goose - part 2

More goose... not as pretty as the other, but I like the eye-straight-on concept

2007-05-26 15:58:28

This is my box

This is, clearly, Pinky's box. We'll just have to get our own box...

2007-05-26 15:58:34

This is my box.. err, bed.. err... zZzZz

Clearly boxes make great beds, even if you don't really fit in them ^_^;

2007-05-26 15:58:42

pinky - eye

A closeup of pinky making a closeup of me ^_^

2007-05-26 15:58:44

Pinky on the prowl, part 1

Pinky the cat prowling about in the Sequoia tree. The little wooden construction you see in the foreground is a nesting box...

2007-05-26 15:58:53

Pinky on the prowl, part 2

Pinky the cat prowling about in the Sequoia tree.

2007-05-26 15:58:57

Pinky on the prowl, part 3

Pinky the cat prowling about in the Sequoia tree, exposing his soft fuzzy underbelly! Clearly I had no choice but to snap a picture.

2007-05-26 15:59:03

Pinky on the prowl, part 4

Pinky the cat prowling about some more in the Sequoia tree.

2007-05-26 15:59:18

Pinky on the stairs

Pinky the cat being a complete cat about himself on the garden stairs at my parents' place in Rotterdam.

2007-05-26 16:00:29

An uncertain kitty

This poor kitty wasn't sure whether to run away, or keep looking at me taking a picture of it. Just because not many people seem to see why this is a good picture, a brief education: notice the overall gray tones, contrasted to the green jumping out of the picture. That's what I was going for when I made the shot.

2007-05-27 15:40:21

A friendly gul

While walking around Canada Place (brilliant name for a building isn't it?) this gul decided it felt zen enough to let me just stand right next to it and take a few pictures. A Japanese couple was quite astounded and tried to do the same after I finished, though it didn't quite like them as much.

2007-05-27 15:41:05

A barking hello

This was a curious dog. Every time we'd walk from home to the busloop it would jump up frantically and bark at us until we were out of sight. Until I took this picture. Then we never heard from it again... maybe I caught its soul O.o!

2007-05-27 20:47:22

Yellow dragonfly

A yellow dragon fly, shot at the dragonfly pond by simply setting up my tripod, hooking up a 300mm lens to my dSLR so it was effectively a 435mm lens, and waiting for a dragonfly to sit down. Voila ^_^

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