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Any and all architectural shots, either inside or out.

2007-05-26 15:59:24

An arch in rotterdam

This the arch over the Rotterdam municipal history records building something whatever mooble >.>

2007-05-26 16:00:44

Vancouver Orpheum

The Orpheum in Vancouver - perhaps familiar because it was used in the new Battlestar Galactica, but if not it's still very pretty =)

2007-05-27 15:40:11

SFU surrey

The Surrey part of the Simon Fraser Univesity annex mall was quite architect-y

2007-05-27 15:40:14

SFU surrey

When we went down to the Surrey part of the Simon Fraser University to shoot some bears (and get a Blenz macchachillo...mmm) it turned out they were drastically rebuilding. I like line interplay. This was a perfect picture.

2007-05-27 15:40:20

Assymetric architecture

This is inside a building quite near Canada Place, which we went in because my most wonderful accompaniment had to powder her nose. The last thing I expected was a random "office supply, cellphone minutes and lottery tickets" store on the main floor.

2007-05-27 15:40:24

Design irony

I'm all over irony when it's unintentional. Take this for instance: we want to keep you out, so we've put up barbed wire... but we're not complete jerks, so here's the entire gas and electrical system for you to mess with if you happen to have a long enough stick.

2007-05-27 15:40:27

The domed building dome

A "closeup" of the dome of the funky domed building chapel thingy awning something mooble. Mmmmm lines.

2007-05-27 15:40:30

Domed building

I don't quite know what this building is for (it seems to mostly just be decorative chapely, you can walk right under it) but I do know I like what the sun does with its dome roof!

2007-05-27 15:40:32

Dual architecture

I wish it'd been better weather when I shot this. I will confess, this is two buildings that happen to "align" in a funky way if you're at the right angle ^_^;

2007-05-27 15:40:34

Gateway to historic gastown indeed

Unintentional irony (the best kind of irony): Welcome to historic gastown! Please observe the hypermodern office building on your right as you enter.

2007-05-27 15:40:37

Geometric architecture

The name of this place eludes me; it's opposed the BC ferry port in Vancouver. I love the geometrical architecture of this.

2007-05-27 15:40:45

A random fountain

This is the very reason I like Vancouver. There is ample water, there is ample nature, and they've become part of architectural design to a degree well beyond most cities.

2007-05-27 15:40:48

Solar composition

Shot at the Surrey part of SFU, this is three solar panels reflected in high reflective industrial glass... I liked it.

2007-05-27 15:40:52

The station

This is a good example of how north American architects seem not to understand more european architecture. If you're making a building and giving it a name, then the name goes in that big white space you added to the center of the building... where names go. That aside, I found "the station" a hilarious name, implying that there should be no question about which station, there's only one, "the" station. And this is it. Sadly, this is a mall and not a real station =(

2007-05-27 15:41:00

west georgia architecture

A building somewhere on West Georgia str. The Vancouver downtown (which isn't down in any possible sense of the word) area is quite rich in pretty much every architectural style you can imagine.

2007-05-27 15:41:03

A west georgia view

This is the view on West Georgia str., just to the side of the I think pacific metropolis. I liked the almost recursive straight lines in this scene.

2007-05-27 21:02:11

A Chinese/Japanese style gate, leading to... nowhere, this is the lookout point at the botanical garden, overlooking.. well also prety much nothing (I don't understand why it's there, but there it is)

2007-05-29 13:57:00

Vancouver library

This is an awesome building. Next time I'm in Vancouver (which is in a few weeks O.O!) I'll get some more shots to profile the whole, rather unique, building, but for now these two shots.

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