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Photographs taken primarily for their composition in terms of lines, contrast, or other scene interplay.

2007-05-22 14:10:28

Who's looking at who?

My parent's cat, Pinkie, and a curious little blackbird. This scene was just perfect; I was looking at the bird and the cat, the cat was looking at the bird and me, and the bird is clearly looking at both of us...

2007-05-26 15:56:06


The husk of a chestnus and the low sun do marvelous things with shadows.

2007-05-26 15:57:21

So many trains

I just thought refraction/reflections were cool... actually I still think that O.o

2007-05-26 15:57:40

The prettiest underground station in the world.

I've seen quite a few underground stations in quite a few cities in a number of countries, but to my mind the "Grote Markt" underground station in the Hague wins. How many underground stations do you know with a shiny polished wood inlay floor, that upon close inspection turns out to actually be stone instead of wood, and models the city map if you look at it from the pedestrian walk bridge overhead?

2007-05-26 15:59:21

Red leaf

A semi-macro shot of a red leaf just after the rain's stopped. I'd have to ask my mum what this plant actually is, but I know I love the colour of this shot.

2007-05-26 15:59:48

Schiedam trainstation

A composition shot. 'nuff said.

2007-05-26 15:59:51


My friend Tijn, and his most excellent inspired moment of Sourcy dominance.

2007-05-26 15:59:54

A train cart

This is a train cart on a line that has since been scrapped due to too many accidents - shot in black and white to highlight the almost architectural symmtries, broken by a brand name foot =)

2007-05-26 16:00:29

An uncertain kitty

This poor kitty wasn't sure whether to run away, or keep looking at me taking a picture of it. Just because not many people seem to see why this is a good picture, a brief education: notice the overall gray tones, contrasted to the green jumping out of the picture. That's what I was going for when I made the shot.

2007-05-26 16:00:38


I know Cyn's going to explain to me that this is normal, but I still think that the juxtaposition between clean, neat streets where the cars go, and then the utterly ghetto back-alleys in between are the weirdest contrast in experiencing a city.

2007-05-26 16:01:35


I liked the composition lines in this scene. There's nothing really remarkable about the subject itself of course.

2007-05-27 15:40:05

A sign of civilisation

You can tell the state of a civilisation by the fire hydrants they have... well polished copper = high

2007-05-27 15:40:14

SFU surrey

When we went down to the Surrey part of the Simon Fraser University to shoot some bears (and get a Blenz macchachillo...mmm) it turned out they were drastically rebuilding. I like line interplay. This was a perfect picture.

2007-05-27 15:40:39

Natural compositional irony

This is the kind of image someone might try to create after lots of thinking... but then naturally occuring. The juxtaposition between the expensive store and the lonesome single lady's shoe on the steps made me laugh a lot before taking this picture.

2007-05-27 15:40:48

Solar composition

Shot at the Surrey part of SFU, this is three solar panels reflected in high reflective industrial glass... I liked it.

2007-05-27 15:41:03

A west georgia view

This is the view on West Georgia str., just to the side of the I think pacific metropolis. I liked the almost recursive straight lines in this scene.

2007-05-27 19:10:30

Quiet uphill walk

I simply like the serenity of this scene a lot.

2007-05-27 20:46:44

Dead or alive

I really like contrasts like this... a dead tree, but with masses of life crowding it. It'd make a nice postcard.

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