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Abkhazi garden

The abkhazi garden was actually someone's garden in the 1940's and has been maintained ever since, see www.conservancy.bc.ca/content.asp?sectionack=abkhazi for more information and visit it if you can, it's well worth it ^^

2007-05-29 17:08:06

The entrance

Right from the start, entereing the Abkhazi garden is a delight. To the untrained eye this might seem "a crapload of plants", but someone thought about the placement of all these plants, and it shows too.

2007-05-29 17:09:15

A funky tree

I'm not sure what kind of tree this is, but I do know it's grown out pretty artfully.

2007-05-29 17:09:47

Tree vista

Another sign that someone seriously thought about the placement of vegetation.

2007-05-29 17:10:13

The first court

Before you reach the main garden, you walk onto a little inner court (as it were)

2007-05-29 17:10:36

Thistle flower

A might thistle was growing in the little court, so I too a macro shot of one of its flowers after I discovered it had geometric fuzz O_O

2007-05-29 17:11:03

The main court

This is the view you get when you walk out into the main body of the garden. As far as planned gardens go, this is one of the most beautiful gardens I've seen.

2007-05-29 17:11:35

The main court (again)

A different angle of the main body of the garden.

2007-05-29 17:11:54

A tiger lily

A red tiger lily. Shame the rest were still closed ^^;

2007-05-29 17:12:25

The main court, reverse

Shot from the other end of the main court. There is a little shack at the back of the garden where the couple that used to live here would sit and stare out over their gorgeous creation. I'm sure they envied no man.

2007-05-29 17:12:46

A cluster of succulents

It stays remarkable how different from any other plant succulents are.

2007-05-29 17:13:02

Coloured leaves

I'm always a fan of natural colours, and I liked how the mossy yellow contrasted to the leaves themselves.

2007-05-29 17:13:27

A succulent explosion!

I would almost say live for these views ^_^

2007-05-29 17:13:51

A tigerlily close-up

I'm sure people stared when I took this lying on my back directly under the flower... Still, I like the way the shot turned out. The detail on the pods is quite nice.

2007-05-29 17:14:14

Parallel flowers

A few I-don't-know-the-name-of-these-flowers gracing the vista.

2007-05-29 17:14:38

Ant stump

The reason I shot this image is actually not the compositionality of the branch, although that did factor into the photograph quite heavily... I wanted to shoot the ant as it weebled in the middle of the brightest spot on the branch. Of course, I didn't have ant pheromone on me so that plan failed completely -_-

2007-05-29 17:14:58

Flowering succulent

A flowering stem succulent

2007-05-29 17:15:37

Bubbly succulents

It's like a tree of bubbles! I love these things ^_^

2007-05-29 17:16:07

Firy succulents

A small grove of firily flowring succulents

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