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Berlin - 2008

We went to Berlin the end of June/beginning of July in 2008, and what we saw is what you see =)

2008-09-28 11:55:33

Two merries!

We were about to go to bed when I caught merry staring at me twice through our glasses of water. Obviously I had to reach for a camera.

2008-09-28 11:56:08

Berlin graffiti - splash tag

In an underpass from the competitive swimming pool to the S-bahn station, we walked across some rather colour-explody graffiti. Why not record it for later, why not?

2008-09-28 11:56:48

Berlin graffiti - running man

Next to the vivid tag, there was this funny running man. Whether this is a social commentary on the active Berliner, or just a doodle, who can say...

2008-09-28 14:11:16

The Berlin botanical garden

This is the view-on-the-right when you enter the Berling botanical garden. Very tidy.

2008-09-28 14:11:53


Possibly the most arty washroom sign I have run across yet.

2008-09-28 14:12:31


Possibly the most arty washroom sign I have run across yet.

2008-09-28 14:13:10

Artis de Partis relaxing on a stump

Of course Artis de Partis went with us to the botanical garden. Nature is his forte!

2008-09-28 14:13:41

Tits! (lots of them!)

The bird, mind you (ahh, cheap jokes...)

2008-09-28 14:14:12

Artis de Partis relaxing in a tree

Nothing like a chill-out in Berlin

2008-09-28 14:14:51

Double the fun!

Artis de Partis's happiness is infectious!

2008-09-28 14:15:18

Fluffy, yet starry

I don't know what this is, but it reminds me of a mix between star anise, and one of those flesh eating plants.

2008-09-28 14:15:46


Mostly the colour appealed to me.

2008-09-28 14:16:32

Spot de Partis

where oh where can he be~

2008-09-28 14:16:58

Water in motion

There was this most artful little water fountain in the garden. A photograph was taken.

2008-09-28 14:17:26


Very fuzzy, in fact.

2008-09-28 14:18:03

Looking at the world

Artis de Partis sits back and enjoys the view

2008-09-28 14:18:43

The world looks back!

The view looks back at Artis de Partis!

2008-09-28 14:19:19

A succulent arrangement

Again the colours do it for me.

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