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Alte Nationalgalerie

During our Berlin trip in 2008 we stopped by the Alte Nationalgalerie (the 'old' national gallery... old only because they built a newer one) - www.smb.spk-berlin.de/smb/sammlungen/details.php?lang=en&...

2008-10-02 15:19:58

The Entrance

The entrance to the Alte Nationalgalerie

2008-10-02 15:20:32

A pretty ceiling

Not much else I can say about it.

2008-10-02 15:21:17

Symmetry - 1

I had just read "Symmetry" by Marcus du Sautoy. Now, I liked his 'music of the primes' better, but it did raise a new appreciation for symmetrical arrangements. Here's one.

2008-10-02 15:22:00

Painting at the Alte Nationalgalerie

I'd love to tell you what this is, but I didn't write it down, and the photo wasn't crisp enough to decypher the guide text =(

2008-10-02 15:22:39

Symmetry - 2

More symmetry

2008-10-02 15:23:12

Tender moments in art

Frederik the Great and Joseph II meet in Neisze in 1769, and from the looks of it, love at first sight.

2008-10-02 15:23:44

Art en art

A nice arrangement of arts. I'll take one.

2008-10-02 15:24:14

Not complete without one

No national gallery is complete without some winged roman-greco statue.

2008-10-02 15:24:46

Symmetry - 3

No symmetry. Grain, it's a killer.

2008-10-02 15:25:14

I thought this was funny

I shall explain - to me, this looks like the house outside is looking in on the museum. I don't expect you to share my vision, but at least humour me >.>

2008-10-02 15:26:03


This ceiling was impossible to shoot. Next time I'm coming armed with a fisheye lens or something (This was at 12mm, shot from the ground. And that clearly wasn't enough)

2008-10-02 15:26:40

Symmetry - 4

Which do you see first? Squares or diamonds?

2008-10-02 15:27:09

Arty's pick of the week

Well okay maybe not week - This painting appealed to her because it actually looked like it was painted in 3D, unlike most paintings, which look like they're painted in 2D to look like a projection of 3D.

"Die Toteninsel" ('Isle of the dead') by Arnold Böcklin, 1883 version

2008-10-02 15:27:39

German... realism?

Okay, this work was labelled german realism. Let's review: there's a guy in a suit of armour next to a lion... directly behind this is a naked guy, with some keys, luring what appear to be women dressed in curtains Even further back still there is a woman, naked, doing something with a fountain. I'm not going to psycho-analyse that, but I think it's safe to say that this is perhaps not *the* most realistic depiction of germany... or just realistic depiction, for that matter.

2008-10-02 15:28:13


Let's get one thing straight. "Caesar" is not a name, it's a title, and it means emperor.

We good?

Julius Caesar is to be read with a comma: "Julius, Caesar". Emperor Julius. There were over seventy Roman emperors in some form or other throughout the history of 'the Roman empire', so stop saying "seazur" when you mean Julius

(who wasn't even called Julius, but Iulius. Without the 'dz' sound at the start. Yes, this is a pet peeve. Just like how English turns Marcus into Marc. Greek, too; Homeros isn't 'Homer'. Oh yeah, and it's Platoon)

2008-10-02 15:29:28

A tomb, in a corridor.

Musea are fascinating. Where else can you find people's tombs moved away from where they were supposed to be, and placed in a corridor as an object d'art? It's like using someone's urn as a cookie jar. I love it.

2008-10-02 15:29:54

Someone, but more importantly, elk

No idea who or what it is, but it has an elk, therefore it is high art.

2008-10-02 15:30:30

Painting at the Alte Nationalgalerie

I liked this painting mostly because I cannot think of a single other work that shows what rain-at-a-distance really looks like.

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