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Berggruen-Picasso Museum

The Berggruen-Picasso Museum is a collection of privately held art, made publically accessible. For those interesting in who Berggruen was, feel free to read en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinz_Berggruen

2008-11-21 20:26:02


Well, not Picasso himself, but a painting that most would never attribute to him because it's so... recognisable.

However, I can assure you this is not a colour-leveling mistake, he painted it in blues. So at least it has something silly in it =)

This was at the Berggruen-Picasso Museum, which is basically a private collection turned public. You should think about visiting.

Also, apologies for the rather poor quality of the full-size image. I just thought it was special enough to warrant me departing from my usual quality criterium when web-publishing my photographs.

2008-11-21 20:26:35

Cubism. It's good.

I like cubism. I also have no reasons to give you as to the why (though I'm sure with enough time I could BS you into believing me)

2008-11-21 20:26:59

Nude, reclining

Pot-bellied middled aged men. Apparently, just as much inspiration as well-groomed nude nineteen year old girls.

Go figure.

2008-11-21 20:27:31

More cubism

Grey. It's an odd contrast with the other works.

2008-11-21 20:28:08


Newspapers and magazines... but of course you recognised that immediately

(of course)

2008-11-21 20:28:31

The Muse

This depicts Picasso's muse, Dora Maar (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dora_Maar) in a way that is in stark contrast with most other depictions of her - It gives off an almost recognisably human feel.

Yeah I know how to look at art, sue me >_>

2008-11-21 20:29:11


If not for the placement of the eyes and "nose" holes, would you ever know this was Picasso?

2008-11-21 20:31:38

Cows, that universal theme

And something else I bet you would never have associated with Picasso.

2008-11-21 20:32:00


I was not too familiar with Picasso's statuettes, but some are quite nice.

This one's not as nice as the cat statuette he made, but since my photograph of that was, frankly, exceedingly poor, this will have to do

2008-11-21 20:32:32

Paul Klee

The moment I saw this, I had to laugh quite hard. I cannot tell you why, but I find this painting hilarious.

Whether that was Paul Klee's intention, I will never know.

2008-11-21 20:33:13

Paul Klee, number 2

My accompaniment said that this picture looked like something a child drew.

Of course the problem with that is that usually, children *don't* draw this kind of stuff, and it's really quite hard to draw something as an adult that looks like a child drew it.

So we're stuck with "genuine art" on several levels...

That aside, I think this looks quite nice, although it would look nicer hanging on a wall in someone's home than it does in an art gallery, really.

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