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Musical Instrument Museum

Berlin has this wonderfully cozy little museum for musical instruments. Of course, it doesn't cover the range of all possible instruments, but it's still very much worth while dropping by.

2008-11-21 20:21:53

At the instrument museum

At the music instrument museum (http://www.sim.spk-berlin.de - not very useful if you don't know German I'm afraid) there were quite a few funky things.

One of them was this very small teaching violin. You can readily tell how small it is compared to the "real" violin next to it.

Amusing sidenote: this was on August 28, which is Berlin's version of "make some noise" day, with parades and trucks blaring out techno music... loud enough to be audible from inside the museum.

2008-11-21 20:22:14

So you play the guitar? Big whoop.

24 strings, baby. Try that on for size (most are harmonic strings, meaning they're used to enhance tones, not be integral to their plucking)

2008-11-21 20:22:38

1 can, 2 reeds. Check.

I love these kind of things. It's primitively functional *and* artistic at the same time.

2008-11-21 20:22:59

Hurdy-Gurdy #1

I am a sucker for hurdy-gurdies. Actually, I'm a sucker for anything that can set up a bourdon note....

(I guess that's why I like contrabass and electric bass guitars too...)

2008-11-21 20:23:24

Hurdy-Gurdy #2

You have to admit: very pretty

2008-11-21 20:23:47

The Musical Instrument Museum

In the background you can see a group of people gathered. These people were actually playing middeaval instruments, practicing for a performance. It was quite nice listening to music of an age several times past while walking through the place.

2008-11-21 20:24:39

The Mighty Wurlitzer

Seriously, that's what it's commonly refered to as.

And while we're serious, this is the baddest assest of all theatre organs. If you have one to play on, I envy you to no small degree.

This thing is made of, and produces, unadulterated magnificence.

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