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the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gem%C3%A4ldegalerie,_Berlin) is home to mostly middeaval art, including some rather spectacular pieces

2008-11-21 16:39:25

The secrets of Jesus

The Gemäldegalerie had some ... interesting art. Like this one. What's going on, there?

2008-11-21 16:38:48

Brilliance from 1559

Pieter Brugel painted this in 1559, working an amazing 126 Dutch proverbs into a single painting.

2008-11-21 15:33:34

Brilliance from 1559, explained

Okay perhaps "explained" isn't quite the right term - "illustrated" would be more proper. The Germans, in their all-encompassing brilliance, forgot that there might be tourists who don't speak, say, German. And I'm not translating this for you. So if you know German: how cool is this. If you don't: how cool is this (even though you can't understand most of it)

2008-11-21 16:35:18

An alternative to a fountain

This is the centerpiece in a ginormous conference room at the Gemäldegalerie. It consists of permutations of pentagonal, septagonal and nonagonal prisms, and for added bonus, running water makes everything super reflective. I thought it was well designed.

2008-11-21 16:34:47

A brief compositional outing

What can I say, I liked it.

2008-11-21 16:34:23

The link between Botticelli and American comics

Okay this might need some explaining. Botticelli (really called Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi) was an Italian painter most known for works that, frankly, ooze 15th century art style all over the place. If that's your thing, exquisite, do enjoy.

I don't like it.

However, this painting, and another next to it that wasn't properly photographed, are almost hyper-realistic compared to his other works. In fact, it's so deviant that I would liken it to the art of 20th century American comic painters (meaning comic book writers whose artists worked with oil paints, rather than pencil, marker, or watercolour/pastel) I find this fascinating - here we have a work of art 500 years older than contemporary art, looking contemporary. By all accounts, that is downright bizarre. I love it.

2008-11-21 16:33:39

Look up

Aside from always being a good thing to say to humans (they tend to rarely look up), in a museum it sometimes highlights something you would otherwise not notice. This was the ceiling in what is basically just a boring art-less room towards the elevator. I like looking up.

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