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The Bode Museum in Berlin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bode_museum) is one of those musea you just go see at least once.

2008-11-21 16:50:24

Accessibility win

This is the most "made to look inconspicuous" wheelchair access thingy I've seen so far in my life. Go, Bode Museum.

2008-11-21 16:49:58

The main hall of the Bode Museum

Look nice, doesn't it?

2008-11-21 16:49:33

The main hall of the Bode Museum

From a different angle.

2008-11-21 16:48:58

A victory door

I liked the doorway, and the victory was a funny bonus.

2008-11-21 16:48:38


The Bode Musuem had horrendous lighting, but I figured I'd shoot this anyway. The figure of Artemis (=Diana) holds moderate symbolic meaning for someone who I care about lots.

2008-11-21 16:48:13


Okay this title's a bit... specific - If you've ever watched the "Slayers" animation (a japanese animated show from the mid 90's) then this should make sense to you, and draw a smile... provided you remember a specific girl with a monster fixation, a fictional god, and physically impossibly side-curled hair.

If you haven't, this probably means absolutely nothing to you and I can only say "I'm sorry"

2008-11-21 16:47:43

Look out! It's a raygun

(Are you one of the people who gets this joke, or the masses that don't?)

2008-11-21 16:46:48

Ceci n'est pas un folio

Gregorian music... I thought it was funny

2008-11-21 16:45:55


We were kind of confused by this door...

2008-11-21 16:45:31

Optical challenge

Which did you see first, squares or diamonds?

2008-11-21 16:45:04

Baba yaga!

Okay not really, but that was the first thing I thought of. Perhaps it comes from playing Hero's Quest when games still game on floppy drives..

2008-11-21 16:42:49

Sporty vs. Classic

I kinda like sporty Jesus!

2008-11-21 16:42:24

Christmas all year round

The spirit of christmas captured in precious metals. It even has a pine tree... I adored this piece.

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