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London - 2008

At the end of July we went to visit a friend in London, who would be moving out soon after. There's not a lot of photographs in this one, I know, you'd expect more... but then by this time I'd seen London quite a few times already =/

2008-11-23 15:00:14

Southwark Cathedral

One of the many churches and cathedrals in the London area.

Sorry about the black patches - this is a montage of two photographs =/

2008-11-23 15:00:36

Odd concrete art

This is a piece of art on one of the small patches of grass next to the Southwark Cathedral.

It looks like the artists tried to create the feel of a zen garden, without the ability to change the pattern depending on the season and sun >_>

2008-11-23 15:01:08

Southwark cathedral, 2

viewed from the side (well, a part of, anyway)

2008-11-23 15:01:35

Cheese never sleeps

Or is it actually always asleep, until you eat it?


2008-11-23 15:01:57

Interesting fact

In many language, there is a"risk of life-danger", and even in English typically things are "life threatening".

In the London underground, there is simply the far more obvious risk of death.

2008-11-23 15:02:19

A ceiling in an art gallery

I can't remember which gallery this was, nor what art there was. I think the ceiling was the only genuine eye-opener in it though.

And even that I only noticed because someone else was taking a picture of it too.

Not too fond of the qualilty, but there's already so few pictures of this London outing, I figured I'd add it in anyway >_>;

2008-11-23 15:02:47

Westminister Abbey

I hope never, ever, to set foot in that God forsaken place (yes, literally) ever again.

Want to know what it's like to suffer commercialism? Go inside.

2008-11-23 15:03:20

The London Underground... overground... whatever

This has always fascinated me about the London underground. The cabling is not tucked away in some maintenance duct, it's right there.

You could take a pair of hedgeclippers to it, and no one would be able to stop you. It wouldn't even require any effort. Just dodge the third rail and start disabling the transport system to your heart's desire.

Also, it's covered in a million years worth of dirt and grime...

2008-11-23 15:03:53

Oh hell yes!

The pie room, not the anti-smoking stuff.

We need more pie rooms.

(For those not familiar with the UK, pies are not cakes. We're talking steak-and-kidney pies and the like. The ones that go exceptionally well with beer)

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