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2009-01-20 07:48:00

The birthday girl

We went to "Keizer Culinair", a cooking school, workshop and team building cooking place in Amsterdam for my grandmother's birthday celebration this year.

All things considered, I kind of liked it, although the menu was a tad unconnected, and it could have used more greens during the main course.

(Though, props for having deer steak in the main; can't go wrong with nice venison)

2009-01-20 07:48:50

I do apologise

I should have waited for the girl who worked at Keizer Culinair to be ready for the shot, I may have portrayed her bad side =/

(if you happen to use flickr and you find htis image, I'm sorry!)

2009-01-20 07:49:49

Getting our cook on

aww, yeah

2009-01-20 07:50:50

Now then...

the good old "what are we actually supposed to make?" moment, when you're cooking without having come up with the menu yourself =)

2009-01-20 07:51:46

The good life.

Cooking, eating, talking, it's basically what it's all about, right?

2009-01-20 07:52:38

Cooking it up

like you wouldn't believe.

The lighting might seem off, but that's because I discovered I forgot to lighting-compensate this shot until after I got back home, so I had to play with the levels a little =(

2009-01-20 07:53:39

Some dish preparation

Preparations for the main course (venison and veggies: deer steak with butternut squash puree in savoy leaf)

2009-01-20 07:54:40

Dessert preparations

dessert would be a traditional three kings pastry, with a single whole almond in between the almond "paste" - whoever got it would get to pick their king or queen for the evening!

(obviously, it being my grandmother's birthday, for some mysterious reason having nothing to do with making sure she get it, she got it =)

2009-01-20 07:55:25

Have some nibbles

While everyone was cooking, some were charged with making quick nibbles that could be devoured by everyone while they were busy. The nibbles turned out to be a sort of french toast sandwich with melted Italian cheese

2009-01-20 07:56:05

Just a chat

A relaxed little chat while the others are cooking

2009-01-20 07:57:03

The side for main course

A butternut squash puree, to be rolled in savoy cabage leaves.

2009-01-20 07:57:47


Preparations of a parsnip and onion soup, with garlic/rosemary buns

2009-01-20 07:58:43

A bit of blowtorch fun

Any dish that requires a blowtorch is a good dish - in this case, a caramelised red onion with honey tarte Tatin, with melted camembert on top.

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