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Bakery and Cookery

I love working in the kitching. I bake, I cook, I do horrible things to ingredients and sometimes it even works in my favour. If I do it -- and remember to photograph it -- it ends up in this set =)

2009-02-20 20:05:40

It all starts with ingredients

Flour, salt, yeast and water. That's all that goes into making proper French breads.

2009-02-20 20:06:08

Whip out the preferment (to show her you love her)

I use paté fermenté as aging agent.

2009-02-20 20:07:26

The ratio

well, the one I use anyway. Paté fermenté on the left, fresh dough on the right.

2009-02-20 20:07:45


The initial rise is "until it doubles in volume".

2009-02-20 20:08:09

Into the fridge with you

After it's doubled in volume, I punch down the dough, place it in a container (okay, pot) and stick it in the fridge until the next morning, when I'll be using it to bake my breadz.

2009-02-20 20:09:25

Morning ritual, step one

After taking the dough out of the fridge, I flatten it into ye shapee, without giving it a change to come up to room temperature. For a good reason.

2009-02-20 20:09:47

Cut and roll

In order to shape most effectively, I cut and roll the dough.

2009-02-20 20:10:06


Then I flatten the rolls

2009-02-20 20:10:29


The dough is pinched "shut", meaning that I basically fold it double and literally pinch the edges together so it doesn't 'unroll' again.

2009-02-20 20:11:46

And... place

After pinching it gets placed onto oiled baking paper in a proofing tin (a bit like en couche, but without the couche) which is then put into my oven's proofer.

2009-02-20 20:12:10

The heart of baking

The oven... mine's not really remarkable (got it second hand for 75 euro), but it has two essential features:

1) it can go up to 250C
2) it has a baking stone, which in this case is a 1cm thick marble tile with a little room on the sides to let any steam from spraying pass from the lower half to the upper half easily.

You don't need to go high tech, but you do need it to fit the requirements =D

2009-02-20 20:12:33

The heart of pre-baking

The proofing compartment... you don't need one, but it sure makes proofing dough a lot easier.

2009-02-20 20:12:59

After proofing

I will admit, I was hungry, so I didn't give the dough enough time to properly rise (I suck? yes, yes I do...)

2009-02-20 20:13:23

Things get worse

I was apparently so hungry I completely forgot to score the bread!


2009-02-20 20:13:45

Quick, to the knives!

I rushed for the knives (not... the smartest thing to do) and got my trusty scoring knife: a serrated grapefruit knife.

Sadly, as the dough was already in the oven, scoring became more "cutting", and it is at this point that my brain went "well now. that's another fine mess you got us in to" at my stomach T_T

2009-02-20 20:14:04

Spring... sort of

thanks to the in-oven scoring, one bread decided to become a banana, while the other went "you could have scored me a bit deeper" and started to tear out a little at the back.

2009-02-20 20:14:20


Halfway through I switched the sticks around and you can readily identify the damage caused by a forgotten, crucial step in the baguette making process...

2009-02-20 20:14:47

The end result

In the end, the bread smelled great, but the texture was more white bread in French crust than proper baguette texture.

Still, for a predictable outcome, at least the mistakes weren't big enough to ruin the bread (like no oven spring so that the dough doesn't gelatinise properly... *shudder*)

Anyway, that's my morning =)

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