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My parents' garden

My parents have a lovely garden. When the weather's nice, it's usually a matter of just taking a camera, and walking around in it looking for something to photograph.

2007-05-26 15:56:06


The husk of a chestnus and the low sun do marvelous things with shadows.

2007-05-26 15:56:17

Geranium flower

I'm not the biggest fan of gerania, but I do like macro shots of flowers =)

2007-05-26 15:58:23


mmmm opium... I loved the drop of water on this poppy pod.

2007-06-01 23:30:17


A hoverfly, after it has touched down but before it's folded up its wings. This is an extreme macro shot done with a 50mm lens and 68mm of extension, with flash support lighting. But without a tripod.

2007-06-01 23:30:27

hoverfly side

The same hoverfly as the close-up hoverfly, but shot at 300 mm because I couldn't get close to it anymore

2007-06-01 23:30:47

The Milk Aphid

To those unfamiliar with how the plant lice/ant relationshp works, the lice extract plant juices and in digesting it, extrete a sweet sugary sap themselves. The ants harvest this and in return protect the lice in a way very similar to how we keep milk cows around. They will even relocate the lice if they're starting to overcrowd, or a louse-less location that seems promissing is found. Remarkably grotesque creatures, aren't they? I mean other than being 1mm big...

2007-06-01 23:30:54

Curious ant

After I started poking around in the plant lice, an ant came walking up to me going "hai, who r u" because I was interfering with - presumably - his lice.

2007-06-01 23:31:09

Angry ant

After I kept poking the milk aphids, my little ant became a tad upset, being all "wtf gowai damnit, my lice kthnxbb scoot!" so I took its picture and decided to leave it to milk its aphids...

2007-06-01 23:32:12

A micro scene

I just thought this might be a reasonably nice picture. I wasn't sure whether to upload it at all.

2007-06-01 23:32:27

Y hullow thar

What IS this thing? I didn't even know I had taken its picture until I looked at the photograph in my workflow program... O.o

2007-06-01 23:32:49

A little almost-still life

I love my parents' garden. It has most wonderful and pretty things in it.

2007-06-01 23:33:28

A moss pod

Remarkable structure in the micro cosmos so to speak

2007-06-01 23:33:48

A mossy poddy scene

I realise that macro shots are, often, a gimmick. It is easy to shoot something you rarely look at and go "wow" at the structures you didn't know were there. However, this does not make the discover itself less of an eye opener. Point in case.

2007-06-01 23:33:58

Red leaves

Tough red leaves letting us know they shouldn't be eaten. They look rather unpleasant ^^

2008-09-27 17:30:49

A sparrow hawk

In may 2008, my parents had the odd privilege of having their garden used by a sparrow hawk - this right in the middle of Rotterdam, so its presence was rather surprising, although the fact that it had caught a sparrow and was eating it in our tree was a good example of environmental adaptation.

2008-09-27 17:31:21

More sparrow hawk

Making sure no one else is around to steal its food

2008-09-27 17:31:50

And more sparrow hawk

Making double sure no one else is around...

2008-09-27 17:32:23

And last (safe) sparrow hawk

finally sure it's alone, the sparrow hawk tucks in.

There is one more sparrow hark picture, but you can only see it if you allow moderately safe content, because it shows a sparrow hawk doing what sparrow hawks do to sparrows.

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