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Photographs taken in and around Rotterdam, the Netherlands

2007-05-22 14:10:28

Who's looking at who?

My parent's cat, Pinkie, and a curious little blackbird. This scene was just perfect; I was looking at the bird and the cat, the cat was looking at the bird and me, and the bird is clearly looking at both of us...

2007-05-26 15:56:06


The husk of a chestnus and the low sun do marvelous things with shadows.

2007-05-26 15:56:11

Eurasian coot with youngen

A coot with her young, shot down from the side of a bridge. While essentially the city pidgeons of the water, I still like city coots, whereas I strongly dislike city pidgeons...

2007-05-26 15:56:17

Geranium flower

I'm not the biggest fan of gerania, but I do like macro shots of flowers =)

2007-05-26 15:56:43

Eye of the goose - part 1

I love the way feathers can do things that make you wonder whether they're feathers at all... oh right, and the goose was kind of pretty too.

2007-05-26 15:56:58

Eye of the goose - part 2

More goose... not as pretty as the other, but I like the eye-straight-on concept

2007-05-26 15:57:43


I have no idea what kind of mushroom this is, I found it growing in my parents' garden.

2007-05-26 15:57:46

De noordsingel

The view you get when you pick *just* the right angle from which to shoot the canal alongside which my parents live. If you were just driving along, you might never realise it can be quite this pretty.

2007-05-26 15:58:23


mmmm opium... I loved the drop of water on this poppy pod.

2007-05-26 15:58:28

This is my box

This is, clearly, Pinky's box. We'll just have to get our own box...

2007-05-26 15:58:34

This is my box.. err, bed.. err... zZzZz

Clearly boxes make great beds, even if you don't really fit in them ^_^;

2007-05-26 15:58:42

pinky - eye

A closeup of pinky making a closeup of me ^_^

2007-05-26 15:58:44

Pinky on the prowl, part 1

Pinky the cat prowling about in the Sequoia tree. The little wooden construction you see in the foreground is a nesting box...

2007-05-26 15:58:53

Pinky on the prowl, part 2

Pinky the cat prowling about in the Sequoia tree.

2007-05-26 15:58:57

Pinky on the prowl, part 3

Pinky the cat prowling about in the Sequoia tree, exposing his soft fuzzy underbelly! Clearly I had no choice but to snap a picture.

2007-05-26 15:59:03

Pinky on the prowl, part 4

Pinky the cat prowling about some more in the Sequoia tree.

2007-05-26 15:59:18

Pinky on the stairs

Pinky the cat being a complete cat about himself on the garden stairs at my parents' place in Rotterdam.

2007-05-26 15:59:21

Red leaf

A semi-macro shot of a red leaf just after the rain's stopped. I'd have to ask my mum what this plant actually is, but I know I love the colour of this shot.

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