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Victoria - 2010

We got a free two night stay at the Parkside resort in Victoria in February of 2010. These are some of the pictures from that several-day-trip

2010-02-16 12:27:28

South park school

You learn to be South Park, here.

2010-02-16 12:43:57


I noticed this pole outside a crepery in Victoria, BC.

I am not sure what to make of it, other than... that's a lot of staples and tacks O_o

2010-02-16 17:16:50

... Pardon?

I am not quite sure how bubble tea and thai massage go together, but apparently they do.

At least, they do in Victoria...

2010-02-16 16:27:59

A phone booth?

What's a quintessentially British thing doing in Victoria?

2010-02-16 16:47:19

A mural, and view

There are a lot of visual cues in this image. I'm still discovering them myself.

Which is why this image has a huge original size. It's not a terribly great shot or anything, but there's just so much in it.

2010-02-16 17:11:45

The Victorian gate

Does every China-town have these things? After having seen three, one starts to find creative new ways in which to photograph them.

Like bringing out hyper-realistic lighting.

2010-02-16 17:50:13

This explains the sorry state of education.

This was actually a shot in the dark with ridiculously long exposure (for a hand held shot). VR can only compensate for so much.

2010-02-16 17:21:54

This is an elephant.

I'll leave you with the thought.

2010-02-16 17:55:09

Victorian moon

Moon through wires, garnished with tree.

Serve with beauty, comibines well with Byron. Use with caution, poetry may ensue.

2010-02-17 11:34:58

Kwakwaka'wakw totem pole

This Kwakwaka'wakw totem pole was carved by Richard Hunt C.M., O.B.C - it stands near the Royal BC Museum in Victoria

2010-02-17 11:37:06

Kwakwaka'wakw up close

Literally, "up" close.

2010-02-17 11:47:20

Stay positive

I thought this was quite amusing

2010-02-17 11:48:06

The splendid bike horn

Only in BC. In the netherlands, this horn would be stolen in ... a day? Less?

2010-02-17 11:50:38

Classic Ford

I don't know if there was some kind of classic car convention on Vancouver Island somewhere, or whether people like driving them, but there were quite a numbe of classic cars driving around Victoria when we were there.

2010-02-17 12:09:32

Deus Ex Machina

I love old, mechanical constructions. And the soft tones! Seriously, I adore these things.

2010-02-17 12:13:07

The Victoria Conference Centre

This converence center is in what is structurally the Empress Hotel, which is a story in itself that I shall not tell here.

It's very ... Victorian =)

2010-02-17 12:21:48

The state of theater

First education's sorry state is explained, and now the demise of culture...

Time to shape up, Canadia >_>;

2010-02-17 12:25:52

The victoria public library

This is pretty much what I saw when we walked up to the public library.

Sensory overload O_o

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