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Vancouver 2011

Shots in and around Vancouver, BC, Canada, in 2011

2011-05-26 14:25:48

Because it looked neat

This is a relatively large leaf on a plant of which I don't know the name and someone is bound to go "how can you not recognise ...." over =)

I just liked the impression it gave me.

2011-05-26 14:29:20


I do not know many plants whose leaves unfurl like this, while also being flat.

2011-05-26 14:38:23

Pink orchids

It is somewhat a shame that camera and monitor gamuts don't allow you to actually get the color that your eyes see. Normally really noticable with indigo shades of blue, the same happened here. This was an incredibly vivid color, completely falling outside the sRGB and AdobeRGB gamuts =(

2011-05-26 14:39:10

Floral cones

Lollipop plant! (Pachystachys lutea) Certainly an interesting name, for an interesting plant.

2011-05-26 14:44:05

Depth of Field

2011-05-26 14:52:50

Not Everything is flowers

The garden specialises in tropical plants, and this necessarily includes cacti.

2011-05-26 14:55:39

Red leaf and floral stalk

I swear I have seen these plants before in temperate climates. Just not this... vivid.

2011-05-26 14:59:34

Of flowers yet to come

In the tropics, there is no need for down time. You just form new buds while you're already flowering, and keep going until you run out of life.

2011-05-26 14:54:35

African Grey

There are quite a lot of birds in the garden, almost none of which sit still for more than a second, conveniently behind at least several branches... and this was the only one asleep! The EXIF is telling the truth, too. This was shot from less than 1.5m away. I didn't want to wake it up though, and luckily the shutter was quiet enough. It simply kept on snoozing.

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