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Niagara Falls

2011-08-23 08:01:30

A panorama at Niagara

I won't lie - Niagara Falls, the town, is a shit hole, and I hope never to return there. The falls are genuinely not worth the disgust you experience walking through the town. That said, here's a photograph of what you'd see if you were able to ignore everything else. This is not what you will see if you go there.

2011-08-23 08:01:39

The US side of Niagara Falls

I found the US falls more interesting than the Canadian falls. Because it's not a crescent, there is no giant cloud of mist that obstructs the view - it's just a rather big waterfall, and quite nice to see.

2011-08-23 08:10:52

Artis de Partis presents the US falls at Niagara


2011-08-23 08:39:19

The Canadian falls at Niagara

The Canadian falls are crescent, and form a ginormous mist cloud because the vapour can't disperse.

It MIGHT be impressive if you could walk down and look at it from below, but idiotic over-commercialisation ensures you can't without buying a boat tour, which -incidentally- completely ruins the view.

Well done, Niagara.

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