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Montreal - 2012

A conference trip to Montreal, with some photographs documenting what we saw

2012-10-14 07:39:09


This reminds me a lot of the glass-in-cement artwork that hangs above the entrance to the Hofplein youth theater in Rotterdam.

It also had a bike rack next to it, compounding the illusion of actually being in Rotterdam, rather than Montreal.

2012-10-14 08:05:14

A ... cactus?

Cactus, by Van Fischer. Combined with the colored-glass-in-cement art work at McGill's campus, it was a bit like walking through Rotterdam again.

2012-10-15 12:26:32

Place des Arts station

A closeup (although not a very good one, I apologise) of some of the art at Place des Arts metro station in Montreal.

This is indoors, above the track, and you only really see it from the overpass.

2013-03-24 20:21:35

A fountain

The fountain at Vauquelin Place, dedicated to Jean Vauquelin

2012-10-15 08:53:37


Up on the roof of the biosphere you get some pretty interesting architectural views. The weather was pretty aweful, but the sights were prettty interesting.

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