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UK - 2012

Pictures taken in the UK during and after MozFest 2012

2012-11-13 08:14:35

Under Class Hero 1

by Kim Woojun

2012-11-13 08:14:54

Bonchobidam 1

by Jung Chul

2012-11-13 08:15:00

Bonchobidam 2

by Jung Chul

2012-11-13 08:12:26

Sea of Men 1

By Kim Youngoh

2012-11-13 08:13:49

Sea of Men 2

By Kim Youngoh

2012-11-13 08:14:04

Sea of Men 3

By Kim Youngoh

2012-11-13 08:15:12

Pizza Bird

by Studio Mental Rope

2012-11-14 03:41:35

Welcome to Kew

The main greenhouse at Kew is a nicely Victorian view, mildy "reminiscent" (because you weren't alive) of the Crystal Palace of 1851.

2012-11-14 03:47:46

Garden art

Very industrial

2012-11-14 03:53:09


Cacti are kewls.

2012-11-14 03:55:35


So fluffy! Also, spiky

2012-11-14 04:09:18


passionfruit has wonderful flowers.

2012-11-14 04:14:05

And for my desktop:

this shot. Because why not.

2012-11-14 04:16:46

Coil in hand

...or something. It looked funky! Creeper vine on what looks a little like sassafras, but I can't be sure.

2012-11-14 04:17:38


Pretty sure these are alocasia, but I could be mistaken. I missed the actual sign.

2012-11-14 04:25:13

I found the upvote tree

Apparently upvotes DO grow on trees!

2012-11-14 04:27:39


Not sure what this was. Neat, though

2012-11-14 04:31:36

Ophiopogon planiscapus Nigrescens

I finally remembered to write down what they're called. Black grass. Still very weird.

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