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Chicago - 2013

Code4Lib 2013 was in Chicago, and I accompanied Arty for a few days of Chicago and saying hi to friends. Also, seeing Chicago while it was very cold.

2013-02-13 12:50:40

This is Chicago

Because of Calder's "Flamingo"

2013-02-13 13:41:12

A kingfisher

"Mountain Brook" by Albert Bierstadt

2013-02-13 13:47:56

The Irish Question

by De Scott Evans.

2013-02-13 13:51:13


A design by Frank Koralewsky. Ornamental doesn't come close.

2013-02-13 13:58:34

American Gothic

Unlike the Mona Lisa, poerfectly approachable and photographable. Given its myriad derogatories, derivatives, inspirationals and tributes, the original has held up. No, it's not mind blowing, but it is quite clever.

(by Grant Wood)

2013-02-13 13:59:59

The London Wedding

also known as "The Wedding Couple" by Arnold Rönnebeck

2013-02-13 14:11:12


A linga, or lingam; symbol of the god Shiva.

It's also a wonderful example of geometric progression.

2013-02-13 14:14:49


Because any depiction of Ganesha is a reminder of being.

2013-02-13 14:31:52

Japanese pottery

Irregular, impractical, and exceedingly easthetic.

2013-02-13 14:33:48

And finally, the Buddha

Because no art institute is complete without one.

2013-02-15 11:58:28

Chibibifox presents...

The Chicago Botanical Garden

2013-02-15 12:00:43

Composition in stainless stell no.1

by Gidon Graetz

2013-02-15 12:04:44


Although I can't find the name or artist at the moment.

2013-02-15 12:07:50


Title only really makes sense if you know what "zie: de maan schijnt door de bomen" entails. Or entales. Both work, really.

2013-02-15 12:12:47

An icy vista

Because why don't you visit the Chicago Botanical Garden in mid-winter, why not?

2013-02-15 12:16:12

A lovely texture

So soft, very responsive, much lovely.

2013-02-15 12:17:14

An icy panorama

Because why not a second time?

2013-02-15 12:20:31


Three chibis in a Japanese lantern. So cute! O_O

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