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The Chicago Botanical Garden

Part of our trip to Chicago involved exploring the Chicago Botanical Garden. Worth a visit, even in winter!

2013-02-15 11:58:28

Chibibifox presents...

The Chicago Botanical Garden

2013-02-15 12:00:43

Composition in stainless stell no.1

by Gidon Graetz

2013-02-15 12:04:44


Although I can't find the name or artist at the moment.

2013-02-15 12:07:50


Title only really makes sense if you know what "zie: de maan schijnt door de bomen" entails. Or entales. Both work, really.

2013-02-15 12:12:47

An icy vista

Because why don't you visit the Chicago Botanical Garden in mid-winter, why not?

2013-02-15 12:16:12

A lovely texture

So soft, very responsive, much lovely.

2013-02-15 12:17:14

An icy panorama

Because why not a second time?

2013-02-15 12:20:31


Three chibis in a Japanese lantern. So cute! O_O

2013-02-15 12:28:00

This water doesn't work...

maokun is confused by this water. It doesn't work the way it's supposed to.

He's also not cold at all, because he's a red panda, which some people have never heard of and if you're one of those people you are very, very weird.

2013-02-15 12:30:05

Another icy vista!

This time located near the Asian/Japanese section

2013-02-15 12:41:34

A crack in time

I like to think this is a massive canyon in a world of wood. But it's also almost literally the title of this photograph.

2013-02-15 12:44:30

Dat patina ᓒдᓒ

You just want to touch that all day long. But you can't. It'd be weird. People would probably start intervening. Better not to. Although then again... dat patina

2013-02-15 13:04:50


One of those things you can't avoid running into in a botanical garden.

2013-02-15 13:11:42

It's a chibibiphant!

This is an example of a "stuffed topiary", where a wireframe is filled with sphagnum, after which small rooted plants are inserted. The sphagnum keeps the plants supplied with moisture, and the plants quickly root to form an outer "shell" in the shape of the wireframe.

The Chicago Botanical Garden recommends using creeping fig, sedum, aluminium plant, and earth stars

2013-02-15 13:13:10

Pachypodium rosulatum

Also known as Elephant's Foot Plant

2013-02-15 13:14:17

Agave flower

I tried to look for some information on the "Agave Roezliana" as its name tag suggested, but the image results from the interwebs don't much look like this so I don't think that was the right name tag...

2013-02-15 13:17:22

The mighty artichoke agave

It's massive! It probably also doesn't taste much of artichoke >_>

2013-02-15 13:17:47

Echeveria elegans

Mexian snowballs! Lots of them!

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