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San Francisco - 2014

The final leg of the journey, before a Mozilla Foundation all-hands workweek. While I was workweeking it up, Arty went around looking at the city

2014-04-28 00:17:38

The chibibifort

At the Galleria Park Hotel, where we were booked for the Mozilla Foundation allhands week.

2014-04-28 15:32:47

The Chinese Gate in San Fran

It's... not that impressive compared to the ones in Vancouver or even Seattle.

2014-04-28 15:33:20


Someone tell me what this means. The best I can come up with is "for those on this earth", there has to be a more prosaic translation.

2014-04-28 15:34:14


because you can't have a gate without dragons

2014-04-28 15:38:47


The chibibibis wanted to be in the picture too

2014-04-28 15:43:18

Old St. Mary's church

The church. Not st. Mary. Although she'd be pretty old too by now. Anyway, website here

2014-04-28 15:46:49

Church interior

The interior of the old st. Mary's church.

2014-04-28 15:57:17

moar dragons

Because how can you ever have enough dragons?

(mild editing/compositing was needed to bring you these pixels)

2014-04-28 18:12:18

1906 earthquake memorial

Because "the 1906 earthquake" is a thing in San Francisco.

2014-04-28 18:19:29

Silent artwork

Two men sit. One man whispers. The other man listens. Or women, let's not be gender biased.


2014-04-28 18:23:03

The Contemporary Jewish Museum

Even if you don't turn your head and squint, the CJIM looks almost exactly like the ROM

2014-04-28 18:46:10

St. Patrick's Catholic Church

more details here - fun fact: google maps calls this the contemporary jewish museum, which it really, really isn't.

2014-04-28 18:42:38

st. oranges

I was going to write st organs, but got it wrong. I apologise for nothing.

(Inside the St. Patrick's Catholic Church)

2014-04-28 18:41:12

The nave and choir

at the St. Patrick's Catholic Church

2014-04-28 18:49:00

Crazy gardens

at the Yerba Buena Gardens.

2014-04-28 19:13:08



wait yes I do

2014-04-29 18:10:11

Impromptu courtyard

Welcome to the citigroup center. We have palm trees.

It also reminds me a little of the Japanese falculty in Leiden. Don't ask.

2014-04-29 18:14:06

Across the street of the Shell building.

Or, "run away~~~~~ /o/"

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