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Sacramento - 2014

This city is dead. No one lives here, despite the 500,000 population claim. This city is dead. No one lives here.

2014-04-20 21:28:43

Sacramento's Old Capitol Building

2014-04-20 21:30:15

The old capitol building's plaque

2014-04-20 21:32:18

Sacramento Capitol

Looking away from the old capitol building, this is your view

2014-04-20 21:49:46

Some tiling

A look at a part of the collonade of the old capitol building

2014-04-20 21:52:52

Sisters of mercy

This photograph is more about the contrast between the architecture, the foliage, and the statue, than the statue itself.

2014-04-20 21:57:22


Sacramento art. It's pretty effing random (even when it's the word "kay" on Kay street).

2014-04-20 21:59:31

Where are we going

2014-04-20 21:59:34

What have we thought

2014-04-20 22:20:04

At least Sacramento has squirrels

They were very hipsy hopsy.

2014-04-20 22:28:00

Let's use a chain.

That'll fix everything.

2014-04-20 22:34:53

This is Sacramento

Seriously. Polulation: half a million. People seen on the street: pretty much no one. Modern ghost towns are pretty stupid.

2014-04-20 23:35:20

At least the Hyatt has a hedge

I'm okay not coming back to Sacramento again.

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