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Stanford University

Stanford is, of course, a university. But it's also a collection of art, significant architecture, and lovely views.

2014-04-25 19:58:25


kern much?

2014-04-25 17:37:33

The main entrance

For when you need a postcard.

2014-04-25 17:30:29

The gate to the courtyard

very ornate

2014-04-25 17:31:45

The church

"non-denominational", but it's pretty damn catholic inside.

2014-04-25 17:53:08

Now *that* is a pipe organ.

In fact, the Stanford church has five organs. It's rather impressive.

2014-04-25 17:57:11

The right gallery

2014-04-25 17:57:51

The left gallery

2014-04-25 17:58:41

The right balcony

2014-04-25 17:49:51

The chancel

2014-04-25 17:59:09

The left balcony

2014-04-25 17:50:01

The altar piece

Or, at least, the mural.

2014-04-25 17:32:28

The main quad

2014-04-25 17:33:27

The main quad

2014-04-25 18:03:37

Columns and arches

Compositional, mostly

2014-04-25 17:27:51

The courtyard

2014-04-25 17:34:25

The water fountain

I am told this is "a thing", but it looks like an anachronism to me.

2014-04-25 17:23:21


A nice collonade arcade.

2014-04-25 17:23:38

How many of these are gender-true?

There are three "women's" bikes, and one "men's" bike. I wonder how many of these are owned by the "officially recognised" gender.

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