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As part of our trip to Dublin we went on a walk around Glendalough, or the valley of the two lakes, if you need translations. Which you don't, because nature is a universal language, and it's very nature. Also pretty. You should go.

2014-06-21 05:40:48

Glendalough - 1

Welcome to Glendalough.

2014-06-21 05:41:01

Glendalough - 2

2014-06-21 05:41:07

Glendalough - 3

It was, obviously, lovely weather.

2014-06-21 05:43:22

Creeks aplenty

2014-06-21 05:43:41

Glendalough - 5

2014-06-21 05:47:06

Glendalough - 6

2014-06-21 05:52:13

Glendalough -

2014-06-21 05:52:24

The cemetary at Glendalough

The cemetary is a proper old cemetary.

2014-06-21 05:54:15

Crossing headstones

It really is quite picturesque (evidenced by this being, in fact, a picture).

2014-06-21 05:56:21

A view over the cemetary

2014-06-21 05:56:21

A view over the cemetary (1280p)

2014-06-21 05:57:14

Why so high?

According to the plaque, no one's quite sure why the door way was quite so high.

I suspect there was simply a wooden step up and time ravages wood more than stone.

2014-06-21 06:07:20

Ferny geometry

This reminded me of the shiny balls at Trinity. But then green. And not spherical.

2014-06-21 06:11:02

More creek

I like creeks They're rather soothing.

2014-06-21 06:13:05


because... why.. not? I don't know why would you carve a smiley into a rock...

2014-06-21 06:17:41

A lovely boardwalk

2014-06-21 06:27:05

dogs worrying sheep will be shot

I am imagining someone with a sniper rifle in one of the far away houses to be on the lookout for when dogs are being worrisome, for a spot of target practice.

2014-06-21 06:28:11


And then, a deer. It was quite cute.

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