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The National Botanic Gardens of Ireland at Glasnevin

If you're visiting Dublin, and you like botanical gardens, you should probably visit the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland in Glasnevin.

2014-06-22 06:39:43

Solanum crispum "Glasnevi"

Because the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland are in Glasnevin.

2014-06-22 06:41:02

"Blue Eyes" fuchsia

2014-06-22 06:41:38

"Nancy Lou" fuchsia

2014-06-22 06:42:09

"Paula Jane" fuchsia

2014-06-22 06:42:54

"Brown's Butterfly" Regal Pelargoniums

2014-06-22 06:43:30

"rosebud" Pelargonium

2014-06-22 06:47:10

The geranium

designed by Richard Turner, of Kew fame (but NOT crystal palace fame, that was someone else entirely), the ironwork buildings of Glasnevin feel identical to Kew.

2014-06-22 06:47:10

The geranium (1280p)

2014-06-22 06:48:12

Vivid colour

There was no nametag to tell me what this was, but it had a striking colour.

2014-06-22 06:55:31

Purple lupins

decidedly not-wolf-looking, though.

2014-06-22 06:55:52

tiny trumpets

I did not see a nametag for this.

2014-06-22 06:57:20

A colorful archway

2014-06-22 06:58:06

A closeup of colour

and a beautiful texture, too.

2014-06-22 07:08:04


Grey squirrel. Good for stew. Supposedly.

2014-06-22 07:28:03

A gnarled tree

Quite beautiful in an odd shape kind of way, and almost elephantine.

2014-06-22 07:32:48


I could not find a description or plaque, so there you have it.

2014-06-22 07:37:43

An almost tropical scene

This conjures images of the carribbean, with 18th century fortification and palm trees. While being neither.

2014-06-22 08:01:56

A couple of moor hens

Unfortunately, their nest was properly well shielded from prying eyes, so this was the best I could do.

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