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Burgers' Zoo

While spending a few weeks with my parents in the Netherlands, near Arnhem, we figured we might as well go to the nearby Burgers' Zoo, and I have to say: very glad we did. It's a lovely zoo.

2014-07-01 05:47:28

You don't need to be on land to strut

As demonstrated by this penguin

2014-07-01 05:48:36

Penguin Island

The penguin enclosure at Burgers' Zoo is pretty nice. The animals seem happy, and there's lots of personal space for them if they need it.

2014-07-01 05:48:36

Penguin Island (1280p)

2014-07-01 05:49:09

Wark wark wark

Penguins ^_^

2014-07-01 05:58:37

A bored elephant

This lady needs some more ladies around her =(

2014-07-01 05:59:15

A bored elephant

2014-07-01 06:02:49

Jungle hippo O_O

On the one end of its enclosure the hippo had a nice pond, on the other, jungle foliage! So much better than Toronto's shameful pen

2014-07-01 06:03:03

Sniff sniff

Anything going on here?

2014-07-01 06:03:29

Look at those ears!

That's more ear hair than I have!

2014-07-01 06:06:09

The chibibibis learning about Tapirs

Apparently, tapirs sit on their butts?

2014-07-01 06:08:38

What! They really do sit on their butts!

The chibibibis were astonished!

2014-07-01 06:10:43

Not monkeys

Lemurs. They're not monkeys. Different kind of animal, related only via distant ancestor

2014-07-01 06:11:18

Just chilling

When you're this fuzzy, you can just chill out

2014-07-01 06:11:26

Anything going on down there?

2014-07-01 06:11:24

This stick is pretty good, too

2014-07-01 06:11:30

How's it going over there?

2014-07-01 06:11:27

Imma just gonna sit here

2014-07-01 06:11:34

They look so fuzzy!

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