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Mayne Island - 2015

We got a chance to take two trips to Mayne Island, one of the Canadian Gulf Islands, just off of Vancouver Island. It's a delightful little island and I'd love to go back a bit more often.

2015-03-13 15:11:25

Canada! F' yeah!

Fun fact: American Bald Eagles are not "american" because they live in the US, it's because they're a (North) American species. The vast majority actually lives in Canada, and pendantry aside, seeing a couple of bald eagles is always awesome. And that's one of the few times you'll see that word used correctly. As well as the "one of the few" expression. This photograph just keeps on giving.

2015-03-12 14:56:05

Juvenile Bald Eagle

A juvenile Bald Eagle on Mayne Island, caught mid-flight. I keep being impressed by how well my Nikon D7100 can do tracking shots (e.g. following a subject and hoping that the picture doesn't look blurred because of either subject or camera movement).

2015-03-12 15:02:18


It's the chibibibis exploring Mayne Island, in the Canadian Gulf Islands! They had lots of fun

2015-03-12 10:54:39

Woodblock typography

I want the construction set for this. The joins and segmenting are so drastically different from what you work with when you do tracing...

2015-03-12 10:56:11

Here be giants

The chibibibis wonder what monster this was

2015-03-12 10:57:19


The chibibibis saying hello from up the stairs. They thought the stairs were funny.

2015-03-12 10:57:54

Under 'C' for 'Chibibi'

Filing cabinet! I filed them under 'C' for 'Cute', though.

2015-03-12 11:01:53

Many years of knowledge

National geographic, from 1904 to the mid 90's...

2015-03-12 14:33:36

Flaky skin

Bark is always fascinating. Perhaps because it is so radically different from our own skin.

2015-03-12 14:53:46

Flurps, with crab

The hermit crabs in the tidepools did a great job at being very hard to photograph =(

2015-03-12 14:55:19

Duckies and water

Some Barrow's Goldeneye ducks doing what they do best: being ducks

2015-03-12 14:56:49


A juvenile Bald Eagle overlooking the eventually-its territory

2015-03-12 15:04:23


This pattern of wear is always fascinating

2015-03-12 15:05:37

Muk muk!

Muk muk loves going on adventures. He's a super outdoors plushie

2015-03-12 15:06:45

Barrow's Goldeneye ducks

When we went tidepooling there were suddenly lots of Barrow's Goldeneye ducks. And something was scaring them under the water, and we think it was a seal but we're not sure.

2015-03-12 15:15:41

Rock? Metal? Fossilised tree?

Any which way: pretty cool looking.

2015-03-12 15:18:58

What is?

Extreme crop (apologies for the haziness, this was the best I could get it leveled) of a "something moving in the bushes! ... what is it?" bird. Hopefully we'll see some more next time we go back for better determination.

I think it's a song sparrow?

2015-03-13 11:09:12

Can anyone tell me what this is?

I swear I've seen these before, but I can't for the life of me remember what you use them for...

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