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The Portland Chinese Garden

We took a quick trip to the Lan Su Chinese garden during our Portland 2014 trip. There's not a lot of pics, and that's because I was carrying a camera that can't take the kind of pictures I want to take...

2014-12-06 14:37:24

The Lan Su Chinese garden

Not very big, but certainly enjoyable enough, the Lan Su Chinese garden is in Portland's China town. Getting there is depressing, but being there is relaxing.

2014-12-06 15:03:17

The chibibis, posing

The chibibibis love posing for pictures when we're at gardens, or zoos, or outdoors, or...

2014-12-06 15:02:52

Oh no, chibibifox!

Chibibifox fell while posing for a picture! He was very confused and growly about the ordeal. He likes rolling around, but didn't like this at all.

2014-12-06 15:04:31

Just some colour

I'm not happy with the quality of photos taken by the Fujifilm X20, and this shot is an example of why. I still like the spot of colour, but not the photograph that renders it.

2014-12-06 15:05:04


Only back home did I realise this shot could have been better as a pure reflection. Oh well.

2014-12-06 15:08:49

Om nom nom~

Maokun loves bamboo leaves, as rightly all red pandas do.

2014-12-06 15:08:57

...nom nom

In fact, it was nearly impossible to keep maokun away from all the bamboo!

2014-12-06 15:15:42


The persimmon tree was laden with bird and squirrel attracting fruit. Scrub jays and grey squirrels were spotted.

2014-12-06 15:25:08

Verdant moss

I just liked the colours. Moss carpeting is always super nice to see, feel, and photograph.

2014-12-06 15:29:50


Did you know "Up!" was five years ago? Eventually we'll stop saying "squirrel!"... but not just yet.

2014-12-06 15:30:09

More squirrel

I always love upshots of animals in trees. Especially when the animals decide not to move around too much. Have some more squirrel!

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