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Vancouver Seawall

A had a stroll from the Vancouver Aquarium to the downtown area, along the Seawall. Have some photos

2015-04-11 17:09:16

A tree. From a tree

Life finds a way

2015-04-11 17:20:47

Duck butt!

It kind of looks like a black Voltorb... O_o

2015-04-11 17:23:00

The American Blackbird

Very chirpy. Very attentive.

2015-04-11 17:20:54

More ducks

This is that the "start" of the sea wall if you start at the Vancouver Aquarium

2015-04-11 17:15:33

Welcome to Vancouver

Postcard material, really.

2015-04-11 17:24:28

The Vancouver Rowing Club

Look at all those row boats.

2015-04-11 17:47:47


I'm going to call this "the metal house in Harbour Green Park" because I have no idea what it's called.

2015-04-11 17:48:50


I do know that it's hollow. The entire thing is a sort-of-cast-but-not-really

2015-04-11 17:36:58

Let's eat a starfish, ooh, let's do.

Apparently gulls like them.

2015-04-11 17:37:00

You, uh, got something... um..

you know what, never mind, you look fine. Adorable, even. Yes.

2015-04-11 17:36:59

This does not look comfortable

How does the starfish not just... you know... keep moving?

2015-04-11 17:38:34

"Like nothing ever happened"

Except for the starfish that's now inside of you. Still alive. I have no idea why this would be a good idea.

2015-04-11 17:38:29

Ch... chug?

Can you chug a star fish? It looks like you can...

2015-04-11 17:35:40

Also a Grey Heron

I grew up around these things. I had no idea there were places in the world where they would be considered "special". It's like someone pointing at mallards and going "omg, ducks!"... that describes Asian tourists btw, they totally do that. I guess they don't have ducks? =/

2015-04-11 18:04:22

A... sight?

This is, apparently, a thing people claim is a sight for tourists, but let's get real for a moment: this is a pile of sulphur. If you think that's cool, maybe look at Vancouver from the ferry between it, and Vancouver Island. The yellow haze is kind of the opposite of lovely and this is pretty much the main reason. It's ridiculous.

2015-04-11 18:04:37


Float plane!

2015-04-11 18:04:45


More float plane

2015-04-11 18:11:24

North Van

As seen from Canada Place

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