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Victoria - 2015

We took a four day trip down to Victoria in 2015. There were lots of neat things to see.

2015-05-19 16:19:34

Actual boarding passes?

Flying with Harbour Air means you get actual boarding passes. They are big. And laminated.

2015-05-19 16:16:46

Klingon air

Also, we apparently flew with Klingon Air... O_O

2015-05-19 16:43:46


2015-05-19 16:42:52

The sulfur of Vancouver

This is why Vancouver's skyline is a filthy yellow from a distance. It is disgusting, not "A tourist sight"

2015-05-19 16:45:19

The exact moment you hit "open" water

There it is.

2015-05-19 16:45:46

The Trans-Canada highway

Not even joking, the trans-Canada highway technically runs from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo. Over water.

2015-05-19 16:56:30

Galiano from the air

2015-05-19 16:49:29

Water is never smooth

2015-05-19 16:56:40

Water is weird.

2015-05-19 16:58:23

more Galiano Island

2015-05-19 17:01:11

I... can't find this on the map

Where the heck is this?

2015-05-19 17:06:35

Victoria International Airport

it's so cute. And tiny.

2015-05-19 17:11:01

1890-1908 Munn Rd, Victoria, BC V9E

Pretty much exactly.

2015-05-19 17:13:36

The Point Hope shipyard

Gotta love pivots.

2015-05-20 13:24:51


The hotel had a lot of koi

2015-05-20 13:25:42

So many fish...

The hotel had a lot of koi

2015-05-20 17:48:20

This tree is _very_ fuzzy...

All fluffies must be thoroughly inspected...

2015-05-20 13:23:04

Helicopter bee

midflight bumblebee. Sadly, not quit in focus.

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