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The Victoria Bug Zoo

2015-05-20 14:24:43

A friendly scorpion

2015-05-20 13:29:54


2015-05-20 13:37:03

A praying mantis

2015-05-20 13:48:09

The chibibibis don't mind stick insects

2015-05-20 13:50:28


2015-05-20 14:07:11

nap time!

2015-05-20 13:53:08

Hello who are you?

2015-05-20 13:54:02

The Chibibibi view

2015-05-20 14:03:10


I forgot the name of this lovely lady, but it's a species of insect that grows eggs and then flings them from the tip of their body onto the ground, where ants pick them up and carry them into their nests. The hatchlings actually look like ants and get fostered until they're old enough to leave the nest and make their way up into the vegetation to become more like what you see in the photograph.

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